Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Thrill of Virtual Running

I bet that title just made you go, "huh?".  Virtual running...sounds a little like an oxymoron.  However, it is real and you really do run (or jog, or walk or run/walk).  Virtual running is a fairly new concept in the road race world.  Organizations such as "Will Run for Bling" are now allowing people to run/walk/jog on their own and still help charities/organizations.  This is nice for people who may be intimidated by competing with other runners yet it gives people a goal to work towards.

So how does it work?  Well, first you can go to a virtual running website (i.e., Will Run for Bling) and peruse the list of upcoming virtual races.  Sign up for the one that tickles your fancy then hit the road or the treadmill.  You submit your finishing info and they send you "bling", which may be anything from a customized race bib to medals to t-shirts.  It's that easy!!

So the next time you are thinking about what your next fitness goal will be, consider virtual racing.  Compete against your friends or neighbors or just yourself.  Help various organizations and have fun at your own pace.  Try it today!!